The Air Gem is one of the 7 Elemental Gems, representing the element of air as its name implies.

History[edit | edit source]

When the Earth and Heaven were the first things to exist, seven ingots fell from the sky into the Earth. One of these gems was the Air Gem. It was responsible for creating the Earth's atmosphere, filling it with nitrogen and oxygen so lifeforms could breathe.

At an unknown time, the gem was turned into a gas form called the Eternal Wind. It was hidden in the continent of Gondwana. After the death of the Polarians, the Hyperboreans took over as the dominant species. They discovered the Eternal Wind and kept it in the Uendelig.

Following the mass extinction that killed the Hyperboreans off, the Uendelig was left in a cave in Norway. On a journey to Tønsberg, the Atlantean Thor of the Æsir Tribe found the gem in the cave when he accidentally threw his hammer at the hidden cave. He took the Uendelig with him back to Atlantis, and using the Earth Gem, was able to solidify the Eternal Wind into its solid state. He became known as the God of Thunder to the people of Scandinavia.

Unfortunately, the continent of Atlantis was eventually destroyed. To hide the Air Gem from others, it was converted back into its alternative form and this time it was concealed within the Casket of Aeolus.

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