"Watch out for the quiet ones", they say. Dead End is a GOOD example of this. The other members of Team Carnage know not to pick a fight with him. A nihilist and a misanthrope, Dead End lives up to his name, and he promises you that you will meet your "dead end" once you cross paths with him. Literally.

He is extremely loyal to the Mistress of Dread and is equally protective towards his cat, Nibbles. The cat is attached to his chest, and when it's not...well, you better run.

History[edit | edit source]

Dead End: Origins[edit | edit source]

Dead End's backstory is shown in the prequel story. In it, he was originally a boy named Bryan Rojas. Bryan was born on March 19. He was born to an abusive family. His mother died when he was only 6-years old. He was forced to live with his abusive father and neglectful older sister.

When he turned 16, Bryan's life would forever change. Having had enough of his father's abuse, Bryan killed him in cold blood while he was showering, and killed his sister while she was sleeping. Bryan was sent to a prison for minors.

While held captive, Bryan was bullied by the other inmates. One day, wanting to get rid of him, a group of boys forced Bryan into a lonely corner. They beat him to death, and finished him off by ripping his vocal cords out. But little did they know, this wouldn't be the end of Bryan.

Rebirth[edit | edit source]

Bryan's corpse was found by the Slenderman, an ancient and enigmatic entity who sought to find a proxies. Sensing Bryan's nihilism and misanthropy, he recovered his corpse, and using his powerful black magic, was able to reformat Bryan into a vengeful serial killer wraith. He named him "Dead End" as he thought this would be a fitting name for him, since he would be the dead end to her victims, literally.

Afterwards, Dead End would become a member of Team Carnage, along with Masky, Hoodie, Zero, and Ticci Toby. He was easily the most powerful member of the team, as he was a ghost whereas the rest of his teammates were living humans.

Dead End[edit | edit source]

The story begins with a little boy, Billy, who is playing in the woods.

For a time, Dead End was trapped in the alternative realm the Shadowside, where he would remain trapped for 5 years. He would eventually be freed by Laughing Jack. He was finally given a voice.

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