“You have met a dead end.”

                                              -Dead End’s signature quote

"The darkness is the new kingdom."

-Dead End to Roadkill and Gaslight

“I don’t like to kill people. I regret taking the lives of people who could change this sick, rotting world. But, I don’t think I could stop even if I wanted to. I make the Mistress so happy when I kill people. After all, she was the only person who was there when no one wasn’t. Don’t worry, I won’t make it hurt. I promise it’ll be quick.”

-Dead End explaining his motives

"The Mistress erased my memories as well as my emotions. I have no conscience. I am the perfect servant. I am your dead end."

-Dead End is improved by the Mistress

"The Mistress is dead. She tried to dispose of me. I am free from her binds."

"You are not my master. I will never bow to you."

-Dead End refuses to bow before Laughing Jack

"Your goals are not my concern. Find someone else to help you."

“Nibbles, eliminate any eyewitnesses who could pose a possible threat and interfere with our expedition.”

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