The Elemental Gems are the small, ingots that represent a different element essential for life to exist. They all have an alternative form and have been kept in different unique containers. As of right now, there exists four Elemental Gems out of seven in total.

History[edit | edit source]

In the beginning, there was Heaven and Earth. From the sky fell 7 small stones, which each represented one of 7 key elements: fire, air, water, earth, aether, mind, and light. The gems were named the "Elemental Gems." They are said to have been created by God. The purpose of the gems is to teach the different Root Races the value and importance of a specific element. As a result, the gems were disguised in alternative forms to conceal their great power.

List of Gems[edit | edit source]

Fire Gem[edit | edit source]

- Alternative Form: Everlasting Ember

- Containment Unit: Amulet of Set

Air Gem[edit | edit source]

- Alternative Form: Eternal Wind

- Containment Unit: Casket of Aeolus,

Water Gem[edit | edit source]

- Alternative Form: Vερό

- Containment Unit: Protean Vial, Poseidon's Trident, Bottle of Infinite Water

Earth Gem[edit | edit source]

- Alternative Form: Soil of Life

- Containment Unit: Ring of Gaia

Aether Gem[edit | edit source]

Mind Gem[edit | edit source]

Light Gem[edit | edit source]

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