Froster is the mighty, feared Snowman Giant who was imprisoned in the North Pole for years.[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Froster was an ancient Snowman Giant whose exact origins are unknown. Some say he was the offspring of an elf and human. Others say he is in fact a Nephilim (which would make him the offspring of an angel and a human) a giant described in the Bible.

A long time ago, Santa Clause fought and defeated Froster by trapping him inside a magical container called the Basket of Infinite Ice. He proceeded to lock the basket in his Treasury, where it would peacefully remain for thousands of years.  

Attack on Lamiaheim[edit | edit source]

In the present day, on Jack Frost’s 18th birthday, a group of rogue Vampires of Lamiaheim attacked the North Pole. After sending Krampus to fight them off, Santa assured his son to not attack back. Furious, Jack decided to disobey his father, and with a group of Elves decided to invade Lamiaheim.

That night, as the kingdom slept, Jack sneaked into his father’s trophy room and stole from him the basket which kept Froster locked. Traveling to Lamiaheim, Jack and his friends intended to unleash the monster on the vampire’s home world in an attempt of vengeance. Jack had no idea the power and danger kept inside the basket.

When they got there, Jack and his group watched as the Vampires prepared for their annual Bloodfest. One of the Elves, Henry, warned Jack of the possible war that could start with Jack’s attack. A group of Vampires caught them and took them to the Blood Temple. The basket was taken from Jack and given to Dracula, who curious, eagerly opened it. As a result, Froster was freed from his prison, and destroyed the Blood Temple, and proceeded to lay waste to the rest of Lamiaheim.

Santa Clause arrived to Lamiaheim on top of Rudolph. He quickly grabbed the basket and managed to put Froster back in his prison. He then apologized to Dracula, that Jack was just a reckless and arrogant young man. Dracula denied the apology, saying that a lot of his people’s blood had been spilled and that a war was necessary. Santa promised to rebuild the temple and took Jack and the Elves back to the North Pole.

Reign of Terror[edit | edit source]

After the evil Kris Kringles returned from his imprisonment, he banished Jack, Santa, and Krampus, along with the other Santa Staff to the human world. He took the throne for himself, and ruled over the North Pole with an iron fist. After several Elves began leaving the kingdom, Kris, furious, released Froster once more to wreak havoc. Eventually, Jack managed to return and together with the Santa Staff were able to defeat his evil uncle. In a twist of fate, Froster ate Kris alive before being permanently dismembered and finally killed by the Everlasting Ember.  

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