History[edit | edit source]

The Ice Bridge is the beautiful, long gateway that connects the Grand Palace to the Rainbow Road. It sometimes glows with the colors of green, red, blue, and yellow due to the bridge reflecting the Northern Lights located above.

It is thought the bridge was built thousands of years ago, during the time Kris Kringles was the ruler of the North Pole. It is said the bridge was built by the early Elves living there through the use of hard labor.

Krampus was assigned to guard the bridge and protect Santa's Palace from any intruders planning to hurt the ruler. Day by day, he remained vigilant at the entrance, and no evildoer dared enter the palace.

It was temporally destroyed during the Reign of Terror, when the Snowman Giant Froster smashed it, as part of Kris Kringles plan to show "chaos", but rebuilt along with the rest of the North Pole by the Golden Heart.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

- Not to be confused with the Rainbow Road, the Ice Bridge is the physical bridge that connects the North Pole with the outside human world.

- Although, the Ice Bridge is sometimes referred to as "rainbow road" due to it reflecting the Aurora lights above, thus giving it a colorful appearance.

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