Krampus is the fierce, dreaded demon that guards the Ice Bridge from intruders. He is a member of the Santa Staff.

History[edit | edit source]

Serving King Kringles[edit | edit source]

Krampus originally worked for Kris Kringles, Santa Clause's evil bloodthirsty brother. During his conquest, Krampus served as Kringles' personal killer, as Krampus would mercilessly kill all those who opposed the king. Krampus would remain loyal to Kringles for years.

Freed by Santa[edit | edit source]

Eventually, Santa fought and defeated Kris by trapping him in the Shadow Side. Afterwards, he decided to teach Krampus the meaning of hope, compassion, and love. Being a demon, Krampus had never felt these emotions since he was pure evil. After he was purified, Santa took Krampus as his loyal guardian, taking him to the North Pole where he would join the Santa Staff.

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