Leviathan is banished by God

The Leviathan was an ancient demon that originated in Chaos, the primordial darkness prior to Genesis. Along with its siblings, Behemoth and Ziz, Leviathan thrived in this absolute darkness.

When God began creation, Leviathan was cast out into the large ocean that surrounded Eden at the time. Because of this, it became known as the "Water Demon." For eons, Leviathan dwelled in the Earth's seas, terrorizing the living things there. Its size was so immense it could encircle the entire planet and still bite its own tail. Humans encountered the beast multiple times, with the Vikings calling it "Jormungand", or the "Midgard Serpent."

In the End Times, Leviathan is prophesized to rise from the water and burn the Earth's oceans, killing all sea life and humans living by the shore. Eventually he is said to be killed by the archangel Michael.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Allies[edit | edit source]

-Chaos (creator)

-Behemoth (brother)

-Ziz (brother)

-Four Horsemen (brothers)


Enemies[edit | edit source]


  • God (imprisoner)



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