History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Proteo is a member of the Lemurians, an ancient Root Race that predated humanity. He was the son of King Nayrb and Queen Ytteb. From a young age, he grew to love the dinosaurs who lived at the time, and spent most of his childhood trying to understand them. As a young boy, he was taught about the νερό, a powerful, mysterious liquid kept inside the Protean Vial, which was named after him.

A Tragic End[edit | edit source]

As an adult, Proteo became a successful scientist. One day, he discovered an asteroid big enough to cause a massive extinction headed towards Earth. Proteo tried to warn his people, but they dismissed his warning, believing the asteroid was too fast too hit. Unfortunately, the asteroid hit the planet, causing a mass extinction event to occur. As the planet's lifeforms slowly died, Proteo hid away with a group of his followers, taking the νερό with him.

A New World[edit | edit source]

Proteo buried himself in a special tomb hidden in what would become Greece, where he would remain dormant for millions of years. His tomb was found by the Atlantean Poseidon, a member of the Olympian Tribe. He stole the νερό from Proteo, and using the Earth Gem, solidified the liquid into the Water Gem.

Following the extinction of the Atlantean race, the Water Gem was liquified once more. This time, it was kept inside the Bottle of Infinite Water. Hidden in temple in the city of Athens, it would remain separated from Proteo for millennia.

Rise[edit | edit source]

A scientist by the name of Kylie Benner found the νερό buried inside the temple. She took it to her science department for further study.

As the ένωση approached Earth once more, Proteo sensed the νερό calling out for him. He finally woke up from his hibernation, and intended to retrieve his prized possession. He disguised himself as a normal human and walked the streets of Athens. He sought to learn more about this new world.

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