The Water Gem is one of the 7 seven Elemental Gems. As its name suggests, it governs over the element of water. It was discovered by the Lemurians.

History[edit | edit source]

In the beginning of time 7 small gems were sent hurtling towards Earth. One of these gems was the Water Gem. It landed on Earth's primordial surface, and filled the planet with water. Over the course of millions of years life slowly developed and flourished in the early waters provided by the gem.

At some point in time, the Water Gem was liquified (presumably by God to hide its immense power) and hidden in a cave in the continent of Laurasia. It was eventually discovered by the Lemurians who at the time were the dominant species on the Earth. The Lemurians named it the Vερό, which was the word for water in their language. They sealed it in a container called the Protean Veil.

When an asteroid struck the Earth and brought upon a mass extinction, the Lemurians went extinct. However, one of the Lemurians, Proteo, took the Vερό with him and hid in a tomb where he remained in hibernation for millions of years.

One day, an Atlantean named Poseidon had accidentally discovered Proteo's tomb. He found the Vερό inside its bottle and took it from the Lemurians, believing them to be lifeforms not native to Earth. He solidified the liquid using the Earth Gem, and inserted into his trident. With it, he became known as the God of the Seas and Water to the humans, particularly the Greeks.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]

Being the gem that represents the element of water, the Water Gem gives its user complete control of said element. The user can shoot water from their bodies, releasing sharp bursts of liquid. They can cause tsunamis, perhaps one of the scariest power granted by the gem. Aside from gaining water powers, the user of the gem can turn their whole body into water. It increases the user's speed, strength, stamina, and recovery.

In its alternative form, the Water Gem is still very powerful. Although, it is harder to use since it is kept inside the user's body. Also, if not used correctly, the gem will consume its user, adding its mass to its own. Only three individuals have been known to successfully use the Water Gem: Poseidon, Proteo, and Aqueo.

How the gem is used depends on what the user wants; the Lemurians originally wanted to use its power to prevent droughts and turn deserts into paradises. When he found the gem, Poseidon used it to have absolute control over the Earth's waters. Proteo had intended to use the gem to fill the whole Earth with water so that his race could thrive. Lastly, Aqueo simply wanted its power to use it for noble purposes.

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